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the power of your mind & body,
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Are you living in chronic pain?

Do you long for a life without the fear and exhaustion of chronic pain?

Have you had all the tests and tried all the treatments but nothing seems to give you lasting relief?  

Do you believe this approach is for you but feel overwhelmed by all the information out there and need some structured, personalised guidance and support?

Are you willing to embrace an holistic therapy based on the latest pain science and which actually WORKS ?!

What would it mean for you, if you could dramatically reduce or even fully resolve your pain / symptoms?  How would that feel??

I've recovered from chronic pain using this therapy and it's my mission to help you do the same.  I've gained considerable experience working as a registered nurse which has provided great insight into the benefits of mainstream medicine and also it's limitations.  As a registered nutritionist and mindbody practitioner, I'm trained and experienced in coaching clients on their own empowered journey out of chronic pain.  I will teach you how to ‘unlearn’ your pain, as I did, and get your life back!  You will come to recognise just how truly in control of your own health you can be and develop an empowering relationship with the most important person in your life... YOU!



From taster sessions to one-off consultations, or my full programme - come take a look at the options available and call me for an informal chat.

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about me.

I'm a qualified practitioner who knows all about living with chronic pain, AND overcoming it!  I can guide you on your own journey to recovery.


the work.

Pain is a danger signal to keep you safe from harm but, did you know it's not just physical harm that creates pain?  There are many other causes...

“I’ve suffered with neuropathic pain and CFS for many years now.  Following the warm, friendly and supportive guidance from Julie over the last few months, I am slowly but surely having longer phases without any pain. Would I recommend the SIRPA approach? Yes”

– OJ, Wales –

“Working with Julie has changed my life completely. Her calm manner, immense knowledge & tailored approach have allowed me to reflect not only on my pain but my whole life. Pain no longer controls me or stops me from doing things I want to do and I would recommend Julie to anyone struggling with chronic pain.”

– LB, West Sussex –

“Since starting this therapy with Julie, my headache and migraine days have more than halved and my quality of life has drastically improved.  I would highly recommend Julie to anyone who is seeking relief from chronic pain and for whom traditional medicine has not worked.”

– Sue, Kent –

“Julie is very understanding and easy to talk to. With her guidance & support, I've made great strides in my recovery. I highly recommend her!”

– MB, Kent –

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